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Servicios de La Raza running out of food, supplies as need increases

Servicios de La Raza running out of food, supplies as need increases
Servicios de La Raza running out of food, supplies as need increases 03:11

In the last few weeks, the need for food donations at Servicios de La Raza has grown exponentially. One single bag full of snacks and some non-perishable food items is barely enough for just one person, not for the families they serve.


The nonprofit believes this is due to the influx of people in need, especially incoming migrants. Empty shelves, empty freezers, and almost empty refrigerators: this is the reality the nonprofit is dealing with.

It's rare for the nonprofit, but lately, it has been the norm.  

Carmelita Cervantes, the essential services director for Servicios de La Raza and is asking for help.

"Right now, Servicios is helping migrants that are coming in but in general we help out the whole community... or people just coming off the streets when they need food," said Cervantes.

On a normal day in December, they helped about 15 families consistently, that number has nearly doubled since early April.


"With the food pantry, we try to set families to the point where they have enough food for a couple of days. Now, within a day we have 30-50 extra people on top of the people we serve daily, it's been a lot," added Cervantes.

According to the nonprofit they usually receive food donations from Food Bank of the Rockies and "We Don't Waste" but, according to the nonprofit, those organizations have also seen an increase in demand.

"We used to get three pallets and now we're getting half a pallet... I think it's because they're also experiencing the shortage," said Cervantes.

In the last month, Servicios de La Raza has helped more than 200 migrants find either an apartment or shelter, the nonprofit adds people have the pressure of paying rent on their backs and they tend to depend on their services, like food donations to make ends meet.

"We don't like to turn anyone away, so we are trying to do our best," said Cervantes.


The nonprofit is asking for produce, meat and poultry, non-perishable items and even hygiene items. They give out food Monday and Thursday and have reached out to supermarkets hoping they can donate food as soon as possible.

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