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Scammers target Colorado drivers using interstate Express Lanes

FBI investigating scam texts involving Colorado express lane toll balances
FBI investigating scam texts involving Colorado express lane toll balances 02:31

A scam targeting Colorado drivers is now catching the attention of federal investigators. Scammers are emailing or texting people saying they owe an outstanding balance for utilizing Express Lane tolls. However, the link provided to pay the fines leads to a fraudulent website.

Mary Storie, a Denver resident, said she enjoys using the express lanes when she commutes to Fort Collins.

"When traffic is really, really heavy it is so easy to just get on that toll and go," Storie told CBS News Colorado's Dillon Thomas.


Recently Storie received a text that read as follows:

"We've noticed and outstanding balance of $11.69 on your record. To prevent a late fee of $50.00, please visit to settle the invoice."

The website then leads to a fraudulent platform that many browsers block.

Stories said she did recently owe exactly $11.69 to the real Express Lane toll, but was hesitant to pay this fee after thinking of her previous bills. 

"I remember it was $11.69. But I thought, I'm pretty sure I paid that," Storie said. 

Storie called the service number for the company that runs the tolls and asked them if she had a balance. 

"They said you are good, you don't have anything. Obviously, it is a scam," Storie said.


Storie said she reached out to CBS News Colorado to share her story in hopes of making sure others are not fooled by the scam that targeted her. 

"It was something that was reasonable that I had done. It would be so easy for somebody to just click on it and pay it. And then they've given out their credit card number. So I sent a message to your tip line," Storie said.

Those who utilize the toll roads will often receive a paper bill to the address their license plate is registered to. That bill will then provide proper instructions to the proper toll company. 

"I thought there are probably a lot of people that might not realize that this is happening," Storie said. "I just feel like people aren't aware of it need to be aware."

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