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Jury Finds Samuel McConnell Guilty Of Arvada Gas Station Robbery Where He Shot Off-Duty Officer

(CBS4) - A jury in Jefferson County found a 45-year-old man guilty in an armed robbery involving an off-duty police officer. In December 2019 Samuel McConnell robbed a Circle K in Arvada with a gun and a mask over his face. The gas station is located on the 8000 block of Kipling Street.

(credit: Arvada Police)

The off-duty officer happened to be outside filling his car up with gas when McConnell went inside and demanded money from the clerk. The officer pulled out his gun when someone told him the robbery was going on and he tried to intervene. A shootout quickly followed in the outside part of the gas station. Bullets were flying and one went through the window of the vehicle McConnell was driving.

Samuel McConnell
Samuel McConnell (credit: Arvada Police)

The officer ended up shot in both arms but survived. McConnell fled from the scene with his two-year-old daughter on board, crashed into another car nearby and continued his escape. He had stolen $200 at the gas station. After an extensive investigation he was captured by police that night.

Jefferson County officials said that McConnell took the stand during his trial "and testified that he shot at the individual in an attempt to get that individual to stop shooting."

(credit: Arvada Police)

A jury found McConnell guilty of multiple charges, including second-degree assault, robbery and theft. He faces between 10 and 49 years in prison.

A date for his sentencing hearing hasn't been scheduled yet.

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