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DA in Colorado's Jefferson County "considering" investigating unusual Lakeside car sales between mayor & daughter

Jeffco DA "considering" investigating Lakeside car sales
Jeffco DA "considering" investigating Lakeside car sales 02:52

The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office is "considering" investigating several unusual car sales between the Mayor of the small town and his daughter, who is the town clerk. A CBS News Colorado investigation found that Mayor Robert Gordinaire, who also serves as the police chief, sold at least two vehicles to his daughter, town clerk Brenda Hamilton, for what one expert says was far less than the vehicles were worth. It then appears Hamilton flipped the vehicles and sold them for far more on the used car market.

UPDATE: DA opens criminal probe into Lakeside auto sales

Brionna Boatright, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County DA's Office, said following the CBS News Colorado investigation, her office received multiple public requests to look into the sales.

"All I can really say is that we are considering the request and discussing potential next steps," said Boatright.

Records obtained by CBS News Colorado show that in 2021, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office sold a low-mileage Ford Fusion to Lakeside for $5,000 - a discount from what it would have sold for on the open market. Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown said the sedan was supposed to be used by Lakeside for police purposes. But three months after getting the car, a bill of sale shows Gordanier sold the car to his daughter for just $1,000. She then sold it a few months later to a man in Wyoming. He told CBS News Colorado he paid $12,000. for the car.


"I am truly disgusted by it," said Brown. He said Lakeside used "completely deceptive tactics that are just really unacceptable."

Another Lakeside vehicle, a 2008 Tahoe SUV was sold by Gordanier to his daughter for $300. In 2022, according to a bill of sale and title information, public databases indicate the vehicle was worth as much as $10,000. Months later, a Thornton man said he bought the Tahoe for $7,000.

In a videotaped interview, Gordanier said he signed blank bills of sale for the vehicles and indicated his daughter likely filled in the sale prices.

"She wanted to buy 'em so I sold them," said Gordinaire. "It was a lot easier just to do it and be done with it than having to advertise or anything." Gordinaire makes about $94,000 annually to serve as Lakeside's Police Chief and Brenda Hamilton makes between $60,000 to $70,000 per year based on her $33 per hour pay rate.


In an interview with CBS News Colorado, Hamilton said she had done nothing wrong and said she could not recall details about the auto purchases. She indicated the profit she made from the sale of the Ford Fusion was offset by her spending $9,500 of her own money to buy a Dodge Charger that she then gave to Lakeside.

Following the initial CBS News Colorado report, Gordinaire emailed police department members writing, "I want to ensure you all that no intent of misconduct was conducted by any employee of the Town."

He said there were "misinformed allegations" and that he has "substantial evidence to contradict those allegations."

Attorneys for Gordinaire said they could not share information after the town hired an outside investigator to look into the controversy. An attorney representing Lakeside confirmed an ongoing investigation of the financial dealings but said he could not provide further comment.

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