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Rifle joins mountain mailrooms with major staffing issues, timely delivery

Rifle joins mountain mailrooms with major staffing issues, timely delivery
Rifle joins mountain mailrooms with major staffing issues, timely delivery 02:19

From Buena Vista to Summit County to all of Colorado's mountain towns, CBS News Colorado has been keeping a close watch on the efforts of the United States Post Office and the seemingly continuous parade of issues popping up trying to keep post offices staffed in high cost of living areas. 

  The post office in Rifle.  CBS

The latest in this trend is Rifle. Your reporter in the mountains Spencer Wilson spoke with residents outside the office Monday afternoon, some of whom had little issue with the post office, some of whom quickly acknowledged the stress and delays that came from the office being understaffed. 

USPS Spokesperson James Boxrud confirmed two employees recently left the office, and they are now sitting with 6 open positions, many of them mail carrier positions. That understaffing is blamed for things customers have reported, late package deliveries, missed mail deliveries, and things indicating they are inside the post office but only showing up 5 days later in the mailbox.

The post office in Rifle.  CBS

"I do think they need help," incredibly kind stranger Molly Damico told Wilson. "I think they get a lot of unnecessary... not exactly hate, but the workers get the brunt end of that, the hard feelings we have about our mail."

With her arms full of packages, Damico explained she has heard the public outcry about the understaffed office, hasn't seen a ton of issues herself, but knows they could use more employees.

"Every time I come here, I get the same guy inside and he is great...but he is also the only person I see working inside."

  The post office in Rifle.  CBS

The USPS said not only are they actively working to move employees from around the state to that office to help as they hunt for new employees, but they are also hosting a job fair. That starts on Sept. 19 from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at the Rifle Post Office located at 330 Railroad Ave in Rifle.

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