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Residents in Arapahoe County neighborhood spark concerns over Host Home property following shooting with police

Residents concerned over Host Home property following shooting with police
Residents concerned over Host Home property following shooting with police 03:34

A community in Arapahoe County is speaking out in frustration over a home in their neighborhood they say has become a problem property, attracting bad behavior and drug use.

"Something like this doesn't need to be in our neighborhood," said Wendy Ratkin.

Ratkin lives less than a block away from a home in the 4500 block of Himalaya Circle that was put in the spotlight earlier this week after a shooting with police.


"We saw SWAT marching down the street I just thought, not my neighborhood," she said. "This can't be."

On Wednesday, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a woman being held at gunpoint. The situation escalated after police arrived when a male suspect barricaded himself and the female inside a bedroom at the home on Himalaya Circle.

Deputies made entry to try to rescue the female and saw the male suspect physically restraining her. After this, deputies engaged in a shooting with the suspect, who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

"We open the garage door and there was a couple of SWAT officers there with AR-15s and they were like, 'go back inside,'" said Chad Baird, who neighbors the property. "Then, that's when they started shooting and throwing flash bangs in the house."


It was the tipping point of what neighbors say has been an ongoing problem with that home.

"Just kind of solidifies this and confirms we don't want to be around this. I don't want to raise a family around that," said Baird.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office told CBS News Colorado earlier this week that the property is a Host Home, which is a residential setting for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Several individuals share the home together with the goal of providing a stable environment.

This Host Home is regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, but neighbors say the property has been anything but stable to the area.

"We have issues where we see people dealing drugs and we see people doing things or tweaking on the sidewalk," said Ratkin. "Starting fires in the greenbelt."


Data provided by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office shows 36 total calls for service to the host home since 2022. One of those calls is specifically related to drugs, but the other calls include welfare checks, missing persons, suicide, disturbance suspicious activity.

"Brings on a lot of police activity, drugs and drama," said Baird.

Apart from housing, a host home provider is required to offer a safe and healthy environment and supervision for those who live there, among other criteria. Residents do not believe this has been the case and have even confronted the owner of the home about their concerns.

"He's obviously getting paid to run this, but not running it well if stuff like this is happening," said Ratkin.


CBS News Colorado contacted the owner of the host home. He answered our call but declined to comment on residents' concerns or how the property is operated.  

A spokesperson for CDPHE says prior to CBS News Colorado's request for information they have not received any information about this week's incident, but they are currently investigating further. They cannot discuss what could happen to the owner and his property until after the investigation is complete.

"I want them gone," said Ratkin. "We have a neighborhood full of people. I want them gone. We have a neighborhood full of kids. I want them gone.

Residents like Baird said they already plan to leave the neighborhood because of the property.

"I have kids, I have young children," he said.


Ratkin says she is in the process of drafting a petition to see about getting this Host Home removed from the neighborhood. However, she worries there is not many residents can do given the county does allow for Host Homes to exist in the community.

"I want my kids to be able to skateboard and me not stand out here and stare and make sure that they're OK," she said.

CDPHE says Host Home Providers contracted with Home and Community-Based Services agencies must maintain compliance with HCPF regulations 8.400, 8.500, 8.600, and most recently, 8.7000.

They say health facilities staff investigate concerns about the quality of care, safety and other issues at sites like this. Anyone with concerns over a host home is urged to go on the CDPHE website or call 303-692-2926, 1-800-886-7689, ext.2926. 

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