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Red Stop Sign Could Mark Pot Edibles In Colorado

DENVER (CBS4)- Marijuana edibles in Colorado may be required to be marked with a red stop sign. That recommendation comes as the state tries to finalize new rules for making pot-infused products more distinct.

Under the proposed rules, the stop sign with the letters "THC" inside would be on each individual edible not just the labels.

"The public and are children have had no way of differentiating between candy soda and food that has marijuana and one that doesn't," said Smart Colorado spokeswoman Diane Carlson.

(credit: CBS)

Those concerns prompted that a new law be in place by 2016 that requires all marijuana edibles be recognizable even after leaving the packaging.

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The proposal on the table from the State of Colorado is to use a red stop sign with the letters THC, what they call a universal symbol.

"As a manufacturer we are happy to comply with something as simple as a stamp on a pill or a candy, something that makes sense. However, there are products that it doesn't," said edible manufacturer Julie Dooley.

Dooley manufactures natural edibles in Denver. For more than a year she has been part of the team tasked with deciding what works and what doesn't.

"Our biggest question has always been, 'Is there a need for this? Is there truly a crisis in Colorado that we need to regulate this at such a level?' " asked Dooley.

The team is also comprised of fellow industry leaders, law enforcement, doctors and other proponents of the labeling requirements.

Carlson has been pushing for changes to marijuana products along with more education when it comes to pot use.

"We've left our kids to navigate an increasingly dangerous environment. We at least need to give them the tools to know when and if marijuana is in a food, candy or soda," said Carlson.

There will be a public hearing on the proposals at the end of August. The law needs to be in place by January 2016.

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