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Red Cross Honors First Responders In Aurora Movie Shooting

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - The American Red Cross along with Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday honored the medical professionals and first responders who helped the victims from last summer's Aurora movie shooting.

With 12 dead and so many injured, hospitals in Aurora were taxed to their limits.

Dr. Barbara Blok, who was working in the ER at University of Colorado Hospital, said the events of July 20 deeply impacted her.

"I feel like I'm stronger. If I had to go through something like that again I think I would know how to handle it," Blok said. "Emotionally it's very hard to go through something and kind of put all that aside and still do your job and approach every patient as a patient. I think I'm stronger, but hopefully I'll never have to go through that."

Blok said she could not be prouder of her team. She said everyone worked together seamlessly to take care of every patient.

A total of 58 people were injured in the mass shooting at Century 16 and twelve were killed.

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