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Railbiking is a new family activity to try out in Colorado town of Erie

Railbiking is a new family activity to try out in Erie
Railbiking is a new family activity to try out in Erie 01:35

A family in Erie is launching a new, fun way to repurpose a set of unused railroad tracks in the northern part of the Denver metro area. Colorado Railbike Adventures, which is run by the Rummers, is adding a new railbike ride for everyone to enjoy starting Friday.


CBS Colorado Traffic Tracker Brian Sherrod met with owner Jeff Rummer in Erie on Thursday to see how this works. It works like a regular bike; you just happen to be peddling on railroad tracks. Don't worry! The tracks are not connected so you don't have to worry about trains.

Each railbike has four seats for family and friends to peddle. It goes about 4 miles overall through Erie, taking about 2 hours. This idea comes from the Rummers wanting to repurpose the railroad tracks where they live. These tracks are the second oldest railroad tracks in Colorado, dating back to 1871. The tracks themselves have not been used since 2002.


Jeff Rummer said there is so much history in Erie that needs to be shared, and this is the perfect way to do it.

"It feels like a fun safe space to be," Rummer said. "To hear the stories of where these towns have come, people tell us they feel more connected to each other, where they live or the place they are visiting."

Colorado Railbike Adventures will open their doors at 12 p.m. on Friday. They are located at 4121 County Road 3 in Erie. They are open Tuesday through Sunday. They are $160 per railbike, $40 per person.

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