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Police Warn Of Man Pretending To Be City Employee In Greeley

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) - Police in Greeley are warning people to beware of a man trying to get into homes by pretending to be a city employee.

One Greeley homeowner said a man came to her home and told her he needed to test her water. The homeowner says the men actually came back a second time and tried again. The homeowner is actually a city employee with the water department, so she reported the strange behavior to police.

"He said that he was there to test her water and that he needed to come in and check the chlorine levels or something with the water," Sgt. Susan West with the Greeley Police Department said. "And then he wanted to talk to her about how she could conserve water."

The woman told the man she was busy and didn't let him in, but he returned the next day. Again she refused to let him in. Now police are worried the man could be impersonating a city employee.

"The City of Greeley water department does not do appointments on the weekend, and they will not come out without an appointment," West said. "So they're not going to come out to your house and just knock on your door and offer this service."

CBS4 asked neighbors if they got similar visits, but they said they didn't. Right now police say only one incident has been reported.

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