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Passengers On Smoke-Filled Plane Told: 'Don't Grab Your Bags, Get Off The Plane'

DENVER (CBS4) - Passengers on a plane that made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport on Wednesday had to use the emergency chutes to get out after a report of smoke in the cabin.

The plane was an American Airlines flight that was headed to Denver from Charlotte, North Carolina. Flight 445 landed at approximately 11:50 a.m.

DIA Plane Smoke Evacuation
Passengers following the evacuation (credit: Andy Aldridge)

"As we were landing we saw this light smoke kind of fill the cabin, it was very faint," passenger Andy Aldridge from North Carolina told CBS4. "The next thing I know we hear the captain say, 'Disembark.' He said it very quickly and very clearly."

WEB EXTRA: Cellphone Video Of Passengers Evacuating Plane On A Chute

Aldridge said the emergency doors immediately opened.

DIA Plane Smoke Evacuation
An image from cellphone video of passengers sliding down an emergency chute (credit: Derek Hart)

"The flight attendants were awesome, they got us off the plane quickly," Aldridge said. "It was pretty exciting."

Officials with DIA said none of the 158 passengers were hurt when the plane was evacuated, but that one person sustained minor injuries when they slipped on ice.

DIA Plane Smoke Evacuation
Passengers following the evacuation(credit: Andy Aldridge)

Aldridge said emergency responders were very professional and got the passengers away from the plane with no problems. He said they were told, "Don't grab your bags, get off the plane."

"I'm telling you, the folks did a great job getting us off the plane," Aldridge said.

"Really very calm, nothing like you see in the movies," passenger Jodi Edwards said. "They were very professional and everyone was trying to help one another."

DIA Plane Smoke Evacuation
Passengers loading buses to the concourse (credit: Andy Aldridge)

Buses then took the passengers to the concourse area.

No sign of fire was found and so far it's not clear what the source of the smoke in the cabin was or how much was present.

Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board as well as with American Airlines will be conducting an investigation into the incident.

Statement From American Airlines

American Airlines confirms that US Airways Flight 445, from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Denver International Airport was involved in an incident at Denver this afternoon. While taxiing to the gate, the pilot was alerted to possible smoke in the cabin. The passengers and crew deplaned via the slides and are all in the terminal.

We are in contact with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Airbus A321 had 158 passengers and six crewmembers.

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