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Burglars hit Northglenn home hours before another neighbor shoots them for trespassing

2 juveniles killed in Northglenn wanted in nearby burglary just hours before
2 juveniles killed in Northglenn wanted in nearby burglary just hours before 02:22

A Northglenn family is still shaken after their home was burglarized Sunday afternoon. Police believe the suspects responsible were killed by a neighbor hours later, after trespassing on their property. NPD says they were juveniles.

When LJ Perceval and her son came home Sunday, it was clear someone broke into their house. She immediately called 911 and was told it would be a while before officers responded, due to a "more serious" situation down the street.

Perceval soon learned the crimes were connected and the burglary suspects were dead.

Northglenn police connected her burglary to the juveniles shot and killed after trespassing around the corner.

Perceval and her son saw the police response on their drive home. They wouldn't know they were also victims until they got inside.

"We started looking through the house and noticed they had rummaged through my room and his room," said Perceval. "We were totally violated. They went through my underwear and all my clothes."

Fingerprint dust left by investigators still covers Perceval's dresser.

They stole her sense of security, but the only item suspects took from the home was her son's airsoft rifle.

"I was concerned because what were they going to use it for? Airsoft rifles look like real guns with the exception of a little orange butt on them," said Perceval.

CBS News Colorado reached out to Northglenn police with additional questions about the weapon fired by the juvenile suspects. NPD has not responded.

NPD reports the suspects broke a fence to gain entry into the backyard of a home in the 11600 block of Pearl Street. That's where police say the suspects and the homeowner exchanged gunfire.

The Colorado Make My Day law gives homeowners immunity from prosecution if they kill an intruder in their home under certain conditions.

CBS News Colorado Legal Analyst Raj Chohan says a homeowner must have reason to believe an intruder intends to commit a crime or use physical force after entering a home.

Police say the shootout happened in the backyard.

"If this happened in the backyard, and not in a building that might be considered a dwelling, I think a normal self-defense analysis is going to apply. What that means is you are allowed to defend yourself with reasonable force, depending on the kind of force that's about to be used on you," explained Chohan.

CBS News Colorado attempted to speak with the homeowner Monday evening. The homeowner had no comment.

"I don't think it's easy for anybody to take some another person's life, especially a child. But at the end of the day, you have a right to stand your ground," said Perceval.

Her son, David, saved up $300 to buy the airsoft gun. The damages suspects left behind are more costly. Percival's back fence was damaged and she says it will be almost $2,000 to repair the smashed window.

"It didn't really hit me until I found out this morning that they had passed away. They are kids the end of the day," said Percival. "I really hope that something positive comes out of this. Parents should get more involved in their kids lives and know where your kids are and what they're doing. It could cost them their lives."

Officials with the Northglenn Police Department say the investigation is ongoing.

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