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North Denver Cares Food Pantry concerned it may have to close amid rising costs

North Denver food pantry fears closure amid rising costs
North Denver food pantry fears closure amid rising costs 01:57

After 20 years, a family-owned food pantry fears they may have to close their doors because of rising costs. 

Bryan Decker, and his wife Marilyn, founded North Denver Cares Food Pantry in 2003, along with other families from their church. 

"I didn't think it would ever be this big. We serve 400 families a week," said Bryan Decker, who still serves as Executive Director, "why we started this was our goal was to serve people and make sure that people that needed help got help." 


Now, the pantry is the one in need. 

"It's not just the cost of food it's the cost of all our expenses, like for instance rent, truck expenses. Fuel has tripled in price in the last year and a half," said Decker. 

The same price pressure driving families to their door, may force those doors to close. 

"We're running short on operating expenses," said Decker. 

Decker is applying for grants and fundraising online, hoping to raise $40,000 to stay open through next year. He says 400 families are counting on them. 


"I'm optimistic that we're going to reach our goal so we can stay open and keep serving the people that we serve," said Decker. 

After 20 years, 82-year-old Decker still spends his days working in the pantry. But Marilyn has passed away. 

"My wife went to be with the Lord about five years ago and she is gone," said Decker. 

The couple shared 58 years of marriage, five children, and one calling. 

"This was her first love. She really cared for the pantry and cared for the people," said Decker. 

He says the best way to honor his love, is to carry on hers. 

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