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Nonprofit Alleviate accepting donations to help those in Colorado migrant camps

Nonprofit Alleviate accepting donations to help those in migrant camps
Nonprofit Alleviate accepting donations to help those in migrant camps 02:34

As migrant families come through Colorado on their journeys, many of them wind up on the streets with nowhere to go after their time at a shelter is up. That's when nonprofits step up to help. Over this cold Thanksgiving weekend an Aurora-based nonprofit did just that by providing meals and winter items to families living in tents out in the streets.


 Sharmeen Ali is the founder of Alleviate and hopes to alleviate hardships for those less fortunate through the nonprofit's good deeds.

"It's devastating, I think I gravitated towards this community because of the children," said Ali.

Ali and her team were out in the community providing blankets and other winter items to migrants living in the streets.

While language has been a barrier, it has not stopped the nonprofit from carrying out its mission. People like Juan Carlos, a migrant who once struggled with finding shelter, helped out by providing translation.

"I do it because I see these people need that need help, nobody here speaks English, they all speak Spanish, so I just try to do my best with that," said Carlos.

It's a challenge that the nonprofit and other people in the community have learned to understand. And as temperatures drop, they're worried for these families and their safety. Brandon Stevens, also part of Alleviate, believes their mission to serve this community is crucial.

"People are lacking the gear and they have tents and it's going to be crucial, and no one wants to see people freezing on the street," said Stevens.

In Denver, police are investigating at least four outdoor deaths amid freezing temps over the weekend. For Ali, it's a fear she has for these families, but especially for the children.

"It's heartbreaking because they don't understand the extent of the situation, why they came here and why they are living like this, so we want to restore their faith in humanity," said Ali.

The nonprofit is accepting donations and winter items. They look to continue their mission every week by providing winter gear like shoes, coats and even toys for the children living in the streets.

They're independently funded, so they do appreciate donations.


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