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Albino wallaby featured at new Denver Zoo exhibit

New Australian habitat "The Down Under" at Denver Zoo exhibit opens
New Australian habitat "The Down Under" at Denver Zoo exhibit opens 02:12

The Denver Zoo has opened a new exhibition which shows off some of the most popular animals from Australia.

Down Under is a new multispecies habitat that allows guests to be close to wallabies, kangaroos and cassowaries in what the zoo calls a first-of-its-kind immersive pathway experience. 


CBS News Colorado's Kennedy Cook took a trip to the zoo and checked out the new Australian-like habitat and spoke with Jake Kubie, director of communications for the Denver Zoo. He said guests should get ready for "nose-to-nose" moments inside Down Under. 

"This is home to wallabies, red kangaroos, tree kangaroos and our cassowary. So, we have some incredible animals here, it's a stunning habitat for these animals and we're excited to share it with the community," Kubie said. "It's a first-of-its-kind experience for Denver Zoo, Guests get to come into their home, so we got 16 kangaroos and wallabies, you're in their home. They're free-roaming, so you're in there with them, I wouldn't call it interactive where you can touch them -- we want people to be respectful because it is their home -- but this about as up close and personal you'll get to these animals."


Kubie also discussed bringing a connection to wildlife in different areas of the world to the Mile High City and the benefits it brings to the guest and local public to feel that international experience. 

"Denver Zoo exists to connect people to wildlife and these are all portals, all of our species, all of our habitats are really portals into different parts of the world. So, you know ... maybe not everyone gets to go to take that flight to Sydney, into Australia. So, maybe get a little taste of it here 10 minutes outside of downtown," he said. 

Inside Down Under's Wallaby Way feature, the albino wallaby named "Marshmallow" was taking a nap under the sun on a Friday afternoon.


Denver Zoo says First Gentleman Marlon Reis and renowned Australian poet and artist Kirli Saunders, who has contributed to several murals to the exhibition, provided remarks and did a ribbon-cutting ceremony before the habitat opened to guests. 

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