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Kennedy Cook


Kennedy Cook has lived in the Midwest all her life but is thrilled to be your weekend morning anchor and weekday morning reporter with CBS Colorado.

Before joining the CBS Colorado Mornings team Kennedy reported and anchored in the Quad Cities. She did extensive coverage on school district changes, crime, and feature stories. Kennedy loves highlighting different trailblazers in the community. Kennedy got her start in broadcast news at her alma mater the University of Iowa. There she covered Hawkeye sports, student government and multicultural news on campus.

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Outside of the newsroom you can find Kennedy exploring all Denver has to offer. She's a musical theatre geek and loves all things arts and entertainment.

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She also loves a good hike and is excited to try out some winter sports. She's thrilled to live somewhere as eclectic and dynamic as Denver!

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Just The Facts

Position: Weekend Morning Anchor/Morning MSJ
 • Year hired: 2022 
 • Alma Mater: University of Iowa. Go Hawks!
Why I am journalist: No two days look the same as a journalist! Routine can get boring. Plus, storytelling gives me the opportunity to share information is a unique and exciting way!
Most memorable interview: I did a story on a man who contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria) on his buttock from sitting on a toilet at a gas station. He had to get skin grafting done to patch up a very large portion of his bottom doctors had to remove. Always line the toilet, folks.
Dream interview: Snoop Dogg
Role model: My older brother
Dream job: To host my own talk show!
Job you would never attempt: A glazier. Gravity is not my friend.
Star sign: Sagittarius
First TV appearance: I was an extra for a film called "Of Boys and Men"! Unfortunately, it had absolutely nothing to do with the R&B group Boyz II Men.
First story: A animal shelter that was full of new cats and dogs ready to get adopted!
Favorite story: I covered a high school's Black History Month program. It showcased dance, song, and storytelling all centered around the theme of "Black Excellence." It was a joy to watch and really made me excited for what this next generation has in store!
Hidden talent: I'm a musical theater geek on the low. Catch me casually singing the soundtrack of Wicked at 2 a.m. 
 • Hometown: Chicago, baby!
Hobbies: Traveling, shopping, breaking out in song & dance at any given moment and going out to eat with my dad (on his dime, of course.)
Favorite food: Sweet corn!!!
Number of children: I have a succulent named Franklin (after Aretha, of course).
Number of siblings: One
Number of pets: Two. Marbles and Atlas!
Favorite TV Show: Why Women Kill
Favorite author:  Bell Hooks
Favorite vacation spot: Mobay, Jamaica. 
Least favorite household chore: Every single last one of them.
Favorite word: "Deflecting"
Least favorite words: "Due at checkout"
Favorite noise: Hearing my mother say, "There are tacos for you in the fridge."
Least favorite noise: Someone scratching themselves
What music are you listening to lately? RENAISSANCE by Queen Bey. On repeat.
What keeps you in Colorado? All the state has to offer! The mountains, nature, people and culture are all so new to me. I can't wait to truly indulge in my new home!
What's the biggest risk you've taken? Packing up all my belongings and moving from the Midwest to Denver!
Who would play you in a movie? Tracee Ellis Ross

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