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New App Connects Pot Smokers

DENVER (CBS4) – There is a new dating app for people who smoke weed that is creating a national buzz.

The app High There! connects users based on their preference on how they like to consume marijuana.

Users create profiles and can browse for others nearby.

If a user prefers smoking over vaping then the app can connect that user to other users who have the same preference. Another preference users can search by is energy levels when they are high.

Todd Mitchem, co-founder and CEO of High There!, told CBS News in a report that aired on Monday morning he was inspired to create the app when his dates were abruptly ended whenever he would bring up that he smokes weed.

Todd Mitchem
Todd Mitchem (credit: CBS)

"It could be a real deal-breaker," Mitchem told CBS News from his Denver office. "I used to joke that it's not like the 'weed women' are falling out of the sky. There is still a stigma to the cannabis culture."

Other users have had similar problems when meeting new people. Now they can meet someone they know has a common interest.

"I don't go out, I am not a bar girl, I don't like to drink," app user Megan Paige told CBS News.

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"It has people share what they like to do when they smoke, if they are energetic, or passive, if they are lazy or they just eat themselves into a coma or whatever. I like that," Sam Tagget added.

Both Paige and Tagget said they use High There! to make friends who share their fondness for weed.

"You can't necessarily light up next to someone who doesn't approve of it, you know, it makes it a little bit harder," Paige said.

(credit: CBS)

High There! is only available in the 23 states where pot is legal recreationally or medicinally. The company does plan to expand to other states and countries as they change their laws.

The app is free but currently only available on Android.

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