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Mountain Lion Terrorizing Coal Creek Canyon

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) - Wildlife officials have issued a warning for pet owners after a mountain lion has attacked and killed as many as eight dogs in Coal Creek Canyon near Golden.

Mountain lion sighting aren't uncommon in Coal Creek Canyon, but wildlife officials are worried the animal is targeting dogs and could pose a threat to people.

Jeff Barber lost his 12-year-old dog named Sir Andy Cotton Candy to a mountain lion Sunday morning.

"We were sitting in the offices and heard and saw nothing," Barber said. "He had two massive puncture wounds going into his skull."

The family's other dog, Nicky, a golden retriever, is still missing.

"It carried the other 80-pound dog away with no drag marks," Barber said.

The attacks have occurred in the last few months. Wildlife officials are looking to trap and relocate the animal responsible.

"This is a cat that's walking right up to a house and taking dogs out of the yard," Barber said.

The Barber family found Nicky's flea collar. They say part of living there is taking precautions with their pets and wild animals.

"We have the dogs on an invisible fence," Barber said. "Clearly there's not an over-driving sense of concern or fear in that cat regarding humans."

Wildlife officials don't normally get involved but are now because there have been so many attacks in such a short time.

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