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Mountain Lion Attacks On The Rise In The Foothills

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) - There has been a string of mountain lion attacks in the foothills. The attacks have all been centered around Evergreen, Kittredge and the Bailey area.

The most recent victim was Judianne Atencio's beagle Lucy. She was attacked a few days ago. The mountain lion grabbed her by her head and the attack left scars all across her body. She is lucky to be alive

"You can see the puncture wounds," Atencio said.

Lucy wears the pain on her face.

"I literally was seconds away from it finishing her off," Atencio said. "It was horrible."

The mountain lion jumped over Atencio's fence, grabbed Lucy and dragged her behind a tree.

"I could tell on her long beagle ears there was saliva, and I said, 'It had her head in its mouth.' " Atencio said. "We're so careful up here. There's never food left out, I don't have an unfenced yard, I do everything right."

A total of eight dogs have been attacked.

"Having eight in the last two to three months is a little bit worrisome, especially for people who have small kids," Luke McChesney with the Evergreen Animal Hospital said.

From sun down to sun up, animal experts say to keep pets close.

"When you're letting them outside during those hours walk them leashed and keep a close eye on them," McChesney said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says young mountain lions looking for easy prey can target small pets. Keeping pets inside or in a caged area can also keep them safe.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says they do not plan on taking any action other than alerting the public of the concern. They also say mountain lions are extremely unlikely to attack people -- children or adults.

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