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Thief Steals 14 Comics Worth Over $42,000 From Denver Store

DENVER (CBS4) -- The owner of Mile High Comics says someone broke into the store in Denver on Sunday and stole 14 comics worth more than $42,000. One book, Justice League of America #1 Fi, is worth $15,000, the manager said.

comic book thief smashes glass 2
(credit: Mile High Comics)

"Someone broke into Jason St. last night through one of the rail dock doors, then stole 14 comics valued at $42,000+ by smashing through a locked showcase," Charles Rozanski wrote on Facebook. Rozanski said the man cut himself in the process.

mile high comics break in shelves another pic
(credit: Mile High Comics)

"The person in the photo below is the only one who was in our store in the middle of the night," Rozanski wrote. "If you know him, we would very much like to have him identified."

The suspect was wearing black shoes, with what appears to be a white plastic bag over his left foot. His face was covered with a white ski mask when he broke the glass case, but cameras captured a few seconds of video showing his face.

"We had a break in [Sunday] morning and had to keep the store closed until the crime scene guys finished collecting evidence," store officials wrote on Facebook.

The thief didn't take all the comics in the showcase but the ones he stole were exceptionally valuable.

mile high comics break in shelves 3rd pic
(credit: Mile High Comics)

According to the store, the main books that were stolen are:

  • Avengers #1 GD
  • Iron Man #1 FI
  • New Mutants #98 NM
  • Atom #1 VG
  • Amazing Adventures #4 VG
  • Tales to Astonish #54 FI
  • Spider-Man #129 NM (Signed by Conway)
  • Thor #109 FI
  • Fantastic Four #52 VG
  • Justice League of America #1 Fi
  • All-Star Comics #18 VG
  • Batman #103 GD
  • Batman #123 VG
  • Original Superman Fan Club Letter

Store employees made a list of the approximate value of the missing books.

mile high comics list of things stolen
(credit: Mile High Comics)
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