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Sen. Bennet Talks Healthcare, Immigration During Town Halls

DENVER (CBS4)- Sen. Micheal Bennet talked about some tough subjects during his three town hall meetings on Friday, including health care and immigration.

"It's important now more than ever to ensure our politics and government are responsive to people," Bennet said. "That's what we tried to accomplish with today's town halls. It was great to see so many people in attendance raising the issues that affect their daily lives. Talking with Coloradans and learning about their concerns is the best way to ensure our focus in Washington aligns with our priorities back home."

Sen. Michael Bennet (credit: CBS)

Bennet also focused on President Donald Trump's unfolding saga with Russia, "Met with him, probably innappropriately in the course of the campaign. Now, can you imagine if President Obama had done any of that stuff?"

Bennet met with voters in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver on Friday.

Sen. Michael Bennet (credit: CBS)

Bennet spoke to a standing-room only crowd at the Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church.

He also discussed the growing trend of distrust in the government and urged voters to be patient.

"I don't think anyone should front run this, I don't think anybody should reach conclusions about this. I think we have to let the investigations take their course," said Bennet.

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