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Limon Family Celebrates Long Overdue Dedication Of Memorial Headstone For U.S. Army Sergeant

LIMON, Colo (CBS4) - As we honor the sacrifices of our veterans this Memorial Day weekend, one Colorado family received an honor that was long overdue.

William Bruzzichesi headstone (1)
(credit: CBS)

On Saturday, they watched as the American Legion Colorado Post 77 dedicated a memorial headstone for U.S. Army Sgt. William Bruzzichesi more than three decades after his death.

"I felt bad that there was no marker, so it's a very happy day that we can finally see him, and I don't have to cry," said daughter Anna Bruzzichesi.

At Pershing Memorial Cemetery in Limon, Saturday was a chance to finally make things right. The ceremony was an honor 33 years overdue for William Bruzzichesi and his family.

"He was just like the perfect dad," said Bruzzichesi. "It was a longtime coming."

Anna Bruzzichesi was 13 when her father passed away. Since then, the World War II and Korean War vet has been buried at the cemetery next to other family members, but without a memorial headstone.

"It was too painful for me to come visit," said Bruzzichesi. "I've only been here maybe three times since he passed away."

Now, those visits will come far more often, as Saturday, that headstone finally came. It was a moment made possible by a group of veteran inmates at Limon Correctional Facility, who applied for the headstone and then coordinated with the American Legion.

William Bruzzichesi headstone (2)
(credit: CBS)

"Things get forgotten, and somewhere it gets dropped, and we can't look at it and gripe about it, we just have to make it right and move forward," said Michael Crow with the American Legion.

For Anna and her son Lane, the act of kindness has brought both pride and relief.

"I think he'd be very happy and proud that he finally has a marker where we can come visit and remember him," Bruzzichesi said.

William Bruzzichesi headstone (3)
(credit: CBS)

The Restoring Honor group of inmates declined an interview with CBS4 Saturday, saying they wanted this story to be about Bruzzichesi, not themselves.


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