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Mail Theft At Westminster Neighborhood Is Not First Incident

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) - Instead of their mail, people in a Westminster neighborhood got a warning from the post office in their mailboxes on Monday.

As resident Carol Wier read, "This mailbox was vandalized and possible theft."

westminster mail theft notice
Resident Carol Wier holds the notice she received from the post office (credit: CBS)

It's the latest break-in that residents say has happened as many as four times in recent years.

"I'd say maybe less than 6 months ago there were two break ins, one right after the other," said Wier.

The postal inspector is investigating and said thieves got in by stealing a key from the key box. It's uncertain exactly how much mail was stolen, but at least two packages were found ripped open.

Until the locks are changed, all remaining mail was taken to the main post office.

"I think anytime it happens it's not a good thing," said neighbor Judy.

The HOA of the community has made some security improvements, like putting up lights, but now residents want more to prevent this from happening yet again, "for an alarm to be put on the door," suggested Judy.

The postal inspector said any security advances would have to go through the HOA and the ownership of the building. They also advised residents to check their mail regularly.

westminster mail theft mailbox
(credit: CBS)

"You just don't want to take a chance if you're expecting a check or if you're getting a credit card replaced," said Wier.

The HOA is looking into getting drop cameras installed or moving to cluster mailboxes throughout the neighborhood. The Postal Service advises homeowners to call police if they notice any missing items or fraudulent activity on their accounts.

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