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Lowriders cruise into the Denver Art Museum's newest exhibition

Lowriders cruise into the Denver Art Museum's newest exhibition
Lowriders cruise into the Denver Art Museum's newest exhibition 02:17

The newest exhibition at the Denver Art Museum celebrates the Chicano car culture that took root in the barrios of Southwestern America.

"The lowrider is an integral part of the Southwestern landscape. Here in Denver, we have over three decades of proud low riding tradition," said Victoria Lyall Curator of The Jan and Frederick Mayer Curator of Art of the Ancient Americas.


"It's an exhibition that really looks at how these different art objects can combine identity culture hope and empowerment," said Lyall.

"Desert Rider" is filled with art inspired by lowriders and the lowrider culture, but it's not just pinups and raflas. Like a lowrider, the works included are reflections of the artists.


"These works are heavily inspired by my upbringing," said Artist Jose Villalobos.

He is showcasing three tricked-out saddles.

"The saddle to me is very masculine and kind of breaking it down and making it more flamboyant and just very showy and  shining was my goal because a lot of these lowrider vehicles when we look at them are very flamboyant," said Villalobos

Jose Villalobos' saddles feature lowrider  accoutrement and Spanish slurs for gay men to symbolize the dualism of his childhood. CBS

They symbolize the duality he feels as a queer Latino who grew up on the border. He hopes they show that there is room in this world for all.

"We're just like any other person. We fight so hard to be accepted and we are turned away and we are just wanting to exist in these spaces," said Villalobos.

Jose Villalobos CBS

Which was kind of the point of lowriders, to begin with.

"It was a way of finding pride for communities that were marginalized within their own cities," said Lyall.

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