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Longtime Morrison Residents Say Red Rocks Is Getting Too Loud

MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) - Neighbors of Red Rocks Amphitheatre say they can feel the music and they want it to stop.

Longtime residents have co-existed with the famous concert venue for years, but now they're say something has changed.

"What we hear is 'boom-ba-boom-ba-boom' for literally 5 hours in a night," neighbor Christine Turner said.

Turner and Fred Peterson say that repetitive pounding sound coming from Red Rocks is no longer tolerable.

"There's a vibration in the house that you can actually feel," Peterson said.

For years they've lived just a mile away from the decades-old venue and say only recently has the noise reached a level of concern.

"We may have to move," Peterson said.

Red Rocks Director Tad Bowman believes the source of the problem stems from a new style of music that has been filling the seats night after night.

"Over the last several years there's been a greater popularity in some of the electronic dance-type shows," Bowman said. "And those types of shows like to be really heavy on bass."

Bowman says they heard their concerns and hired consultants to help figure out what could be done. As of Jan. 1 he says bands will have to follow new rules, new hours and new limits for volume and frequency, or they pay big fines.

"There may be a small impact here, but through all of the efforts that we made, we tried to come up with regulations that really helped with some of the residents that had shared their concerns with us, but not be overly impactful to the folks that are here for the concert," Bowman said.

Despite those efforts neighbors say little has changed. Turner says the first concert of the new year was a sign that those steps were minimal.

"It was Jan. 31 and that was our first indication that they were not going to honor the commitment," Turner said.

The Town of Morrison will present findings from their own sound engineer on Tuesday night. The meeting will be held at the Morrison Town Hall at 6 p.m.

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