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Latino Action Council urges voters to seek information from reliable sources

Latino Action Council urges voters to seek information from reliable sources
Latino Action Council urges voters to seek information from reliable sources 03:03

The midterm elections are underway in Colorado and some of our Latino/a communities have the chance to make their voices heard more than ever before. 

The new Congressional District 8 includes the northern Denver suburbs and a large part of Weld County. It is also majority Latino/a. 

With the opportunity for representation comes more political advertising which can be divisive. 


Like a flyer that was sent out to voters in Congressional District 8 that the Latino Action Council says contains hateful misinformation and disinformation about trans people. 

"I just feel like it's very predatory," said Ruby Lopez the Coordinator for the Queer and Trans People of Color Program from Out Boulder County. 

She knows what it's like to have her life upended by hate. She says she was excommunicated from her family for being a trans woman. That's why she joined the Latino Action Council Thursday to speak out against the flyer. 

"I want to make sure nobody else has to go through that," she said. 

It's a tactic that is becoming more and more common. 

"We're always being used because we are increasing in population throughout the country," said Milo Marquez the Director of the Latino Action Council. 

One in four people in Colorado is Latino or Latina and courting them has become a priority for Republicans and Democrats. Both parties have canvassed in Latino neighborhoods and have diverse candidates running for office. 

"We've just tried to recruit more Hispanic leaders to run for our party and lead our party," said Kristi Burton-Brown, the Colorado GOP Chairwoman. 


"The Democratic party has continuously worked to uplift Latino communities and Latino voices," said Elena Martinez-Vivot the organizing Director of the Colorado Democrat Party. 

While the big two parties are working to win votes, some groups have moved into the state to scare and confuse voters. Like the America First Legal Foundation. The group behind the flyer Ruby and the Latino Action Council spoke out about Thursday.  

"They understand that if they are able to trick us and lie to us and manipulate us that we're going to vote and we are going to vote in their favor," said Marquez. 

So, the Latino Action Council along with Republicans and Democrats want Latino and Latina voters along with every Coloradan to avoid fearmongering and learn about the issues from reliable sources. 

"Para mi gente, for my people, please don't listen to this rhetoric," said Ruby Lopez. 

"The best source is always going to be the Colorado Secretary of State's website," advised Elena Martinez-Vivot. 

"Go to the candidate's website, see what they say for themselves," Kristi Burton-Brown recommended. 

"And use reliable media sources as your source of information that you're gathering. Instead of going to social media and some of these fliers that are arriving," said Milo Marquez. 


According to both Republicans and Democrats, the issue they hear about the most from their constituents is inflation and the skyrocketing cost of living. 

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