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'Large Boulder Size Of Large Boulder' Lands On Highway 145, Giving County Officials Opportunity To Revive Twitter Humor

MONTEZUMA COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - A section of rock fell off a shelf next to Highway 145 on Friday morning and onto the southbound lane of the roadway. It happened between Dolores and Rico in Montezuma County in the southwestern part of the state, not far from the small community of Stoner.

Traffic around the boulder is down to one lane, and delays in the area are to be expected through the weekend. No one was hurt when the rock fell.

"Maintenance and engineering personnel with equipment are enroute to evaluate what will be required for removal of the boulder from the roadway," officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation wrote in a news release in the morning.

Officials in the nearby San Miguel County Sheriff's Office tweeted a photo of the rock on the road and made a little dig at their department, saying "A large boulder the size of a large boulder is blocking the southbound lane." That's a reference to a Twitter post from last year of theirs that went viral. They tweeted -- after a different rockfall incident -- that a "Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane Highway 145" and, of course, everyone was curious just what "a large boulder the size of a small boulder" meant.

They later sheepishly apologized for being unclear, but didn't delete the silly tweet, to the delight of everyone in the Twitterverse.

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