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Colorado Schools Embrace Theory: Kids Learn Better When They Get Moving

DENVER (CBS4)- More than 120 schools across Colorado are hoping to take advantage of the results of a new study which shows that students who engage in physical activity learn better.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado launched a challenge to those schools called "Fire Up Your Feet." Slavens K-8 School in Denver is one of those schools.

During a Physical Education class at Slavens, the third graders are throwing balls at each other in what seems to be a random jumble of children running around the gym.

Slavens Physical Activity
Third graders at Slavens K-8 School participate in the "Fire Up Your Feet" challenge (credit: CBS)

It's an exercise in not just getting physical but with the hope it's a path to better learning.

"I think it's really fun and it's a good way to stay active," said one third grader.

"We usually get tired at the end," said another.

The "Fire Up Your Feet" challenge for the month of October is to get kids moving. Those schools are competing for a total of $6,500 in prize money along with the satisfaction of staying active.

"Because we know it improves their health and it also improves their school performance," said Dr. Sandra Stenmark with Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

Both students and staff are involved in the challenge.

"So myself, I bike to school two to three times a week," said Slavens Principal Kurt Siebold.

Seibold said parents are also encouraged to participate, "Fire Up Your Feet is a way to get us all going and moving."

The hope is that exercise will become a habit not only for students but also the entire family.

"This is hopefully going to kick start new behaviors to engage more people in active lifestyles," said Stenmark.

Students at Slavens are biking to school and running when they get there.

Other schools involved include those located in the Denver metro area, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties.

LINK: Fire Up Your Feet

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