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'We should have been having a parade instead of a memorial service': John Hurley's mother files lawsuit against Arvada Police

Kathleen Boleyn's isn't surprised that in June of 2021 when an active shooter killed Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesly and then proceeded to fire at shops and restaurants in Olde Town Arvada, her son John Hurley stepped in to save lives. He was inside one of the shops when he heard the gunfire.


"Johnny did what the police were supposed to do," she said. "He heard the call. He knew help was needed. He ran toward the danger and assessed the situation while he was on the run and when he took out the shooter following his training, he did what he was supposed to do disarm the person who was down not knowing if he was still alive, and Johnny could be vulnerable."

Hurley was gunned down by a police officer.

The lawsuit names Arvada Police Chief Link Strate and the now-former officer, Kraig Brownlow. Brownlow, who had been taking cover from the gunman, shot Hurley in the back without warning, killing him.

Boleyn says it devastated her entire family.


"I have found that things that are sad make me sadder, and there's just generally a level of sadness in me that's closer to the surface than it used to be," she said.

Her lawsuit seeks damages to pay for legal fees, medical bills and pain and suffering.

In a statement, Arvada Police says the District Attorney's Office found Brownlow's actions reasonable and justified under the circumstances and an internal review found they were also considered consistent with APD policies and procedures.


Boleyn disagrees and says Brownlow should have reached out to John before shooting him. She says if so, he would be with her today.

"Considering that Johnny saved many lives, as I've been told, he should not have had to die for what he did," said Boleyn. "We should have been having a parade for what Johnny did, instead of a memorial service."


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