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Colorado's New Secretary of State Pushes For Change to Campaign Finance Laws

DENVER (CBS4) - Colorado's new secretary of state is calling on lawmakers to change the state's campaign finance laws. Jena Griswold went before a House committee on Thursday and presented her legislative agenda.

sec of state jena griswold
(credit: CBS4)

She wants lawmakers to make voter registration available at government agencies other than the DMV and Driver's Licence offices.

Griswold is also pushing for stricter rules about disclosing campaign donations.

"In Colorado, we do a better job of tracking a $50 contribution to a candidate than we do tracking a $50,000 contribution to an independent expenditure committee, which is the Colorado version of a superPAC," said Griswold. "We can change this."

In addition, Griswold wants lawmakers to address nonprofits that engage in political activity, and increase transparency around lobbyists.

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