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JARS Cannabis honored with Denver's Cannabis Cares badge for commitment to community

Company behind 4/20 Mile High Festival explains how marijuana industry is more than business
Company behind 4/20 Mile High Festival explains how marijuana industry is more than business 02:43

During the 420 Mile High Festival on Saturday, JARS Cannabis, the company also responsible for putting on the festival for the past few years, received an award from the City and County of Denver for their commitment to the community. The honor was through the city's Cannabis Cares Program, which is a program designed to highlight and recognize cannabis businesses making a positive impact in the community and giving back.


Through the Denver initiative, businesses can receive a badge in five categories for going above and beyond to make a positive impact in the community.

On Saturday Scott Rybicki, with JARS Cannabis Colorado expressed gratitude for how far the industry has come in Colorado. 

"It is 10 years of recreational cannabis in Colorado, and we are so proud to bring the whole cannabis community here," said Rybicki. 

Bringing the community together through their celebration, the company has also now set an example for others to follow after receiving the city's first Cannabis Cares Champion badge. The first cannabis company in the city to receive this honor.

"We just think it is so important to be a leader and encourage others to join us in this commitment for positive and social impact," said Ashley Chubin, a spokesperson for the company.

"It means a lot to me, my team worked hard to hit the five pillars, and we did it," said Rybicki. 


The honor comes after the company earned all five badges under the Cannabis Cares program. The program was initiated by the city last year to highlight businesses making a difference. 

Molly Duplechian with Denver's Department of Excise and Licenses says they created the program so consumers can learn about these businesses and shop where their values align. It's part of the city's major effort to achieve the full promise of legalization.

"When voters approved legalization in 2014, they wanted to see that cannabis businesses were going to contribute to the economy, contribute to the community and this is our way to share that information," said Duplechian. 

The badges are broken down into five different areas: Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Equity, Community Engagement and Contracting. 

A business must complete 10 things in each category to earn a badge.

"We really checked these boxes with our team from planting trees, community gardens, anything environmental we can do in our stores, out in the community, we want to be a part of that," said Chubin. 

Their work also includes teaming up with the Food Bank of the Rockies and paying staff for days of volunteering.


"We want customers to shop with value and understand we have their values as well," said Chubin, "It is not just about JARS, this really needs to be a community effort."

The city adds many businesses have received at least one badge, but to receive them all truly takes a lot of work and commitment.

"We have seen a decline in marijuana sales across the city and so this is a way for them to share with their customers something that they are doing and make them stand out from their competitors," said Duplechian. 

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