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Colorado golf phenom Jacob Eagan, 9, is ready to master the Masters

9-year old golf phenom is ready to master the Masters
9-year old golf phenom is ready to master the Masters 02:01

"So Jacob, where are you going this weekend?" I asked 9-year old Jacob Eagan. 

"I'm going to Augusta National for the Drive, Chip and Putt national finals," Jacob said. 

"Wait, you're going to the home of the Masters," I incredulously asked. 

"Yes that is correct," Jacob exclaimed. 

The Eagan Family

Lucky kid. But once you watch 9-year-old Jacob drive, chip and putt, you realize luck has very little to do with it. 

"I'm super excited and it should be fun to test my skills on one of the greatest golf courses ever," Eagan said. 

Jacob's been playing golf since he could walk and he's won over 60 tournaments. So silly for me thinking he'll be nervous on Sunday. 

"No, I'll be excited," said Eagan. 

"How come you won't be nervous," I asked. 

"I'll be a little bit nervous but I'm going to try to not focus on the nerves an just focus on playing there and having fun."

Big things could be in store for the kid from Castle Rock. Earlier this week we watched him hole 3 straight chips. 

"I felt really good," Jacob said on his chipping display. 

"Do you think you can do the same thing at Augusta," I asked. 

Jacob responded, "Hopefully." 

If practice makes perfect, this budding Master might have a story to tell at the home of the Masters. 

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