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'Most traumatic thing we have ever seen': Couple who witnessed deadly I-25 crash recounts horror of what they saw

Couple who witnessed deadly I-25 crash recount horror of what they saw
Couple who witnessed deadly I-25 crash recount horror of what they saw 02:40

Sarah Blair and John Morgan were driving along Interstate 25 Monday evening with their three children when they saw what they thought was an explosion.

"We saw a big plume of what looked like dust, just a huge cloud of dust and all of a sudden a white car was coming very quickly into our southbound lane, into the median," Blair said.

Unsure of what caused the vehicle to lose control, they knew that the driver needed help.

"That's when we saw the child in the car trying to climb into the front seat to get his mom's phone," Morgan said.

"We just realized he shouldn't be in the car," Blair finished.

His mother now identified as 32-year-old Megan Arneson died at the scene.

"He was like a brick came through the windshield and my mom couldn't see so we are looking around and we see this excavator in the road," said Blair.

Investigators believe a semi-truck driver hauling an excavator, failed to secure the arm, and was unable to clear the bridge, crashing into it and sending debris onto the road below.

"This was the most traumatic thing we have ever seen, or experienced," Morgan said.

The family stayed with that 10-year-old boy until an ambulance could arrive.

Investigators have since said he suffered only minor injuries,

"My kids have been asking all day is he ok is he ok we just want to make sure he's ok, we didn't really get to say goodbye," Blair said.

"We just want to make sure he's ok and to the whole family our hearts go out to you," Morgan said.

The couple says what they witnessed was not only shocking, but a heartbreaking reminder of just how fragile life can be.

"This could happen to anyone, what a crazy freak accident, what are the odds just one car," the couple said.

According to CDOT the overpass was just over 17 feet which is required across the state, they say any vehicle over 14 feet needs to have a special permit.

Investigators with the Colorado State Patrol say the driver did not have that permit, & while the driver has not been charged, they say that could change once the investigation is over. 

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