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HOA Takes Up Speed Enforcement

ROXBOROUGH PARK, Colo (CBS4) The Homeowners Association in Roxborough Park is tired of residents speeding so they're setting up photo radar to enforce the speed limits.

Roxborough Park is a private residential community in Douglas County. Some residents are concerned about the new plans to run radar in the neighborhood.

"It's just a little bit overboard for a private community to be policing themselves," said Derek Brown, Roxborough Park resident.

Throughout the community the speed limit tops out at 30 miles per hour. Some residents say that speeding Is a real problem.

"I was almost hit, and I'm not kidding you, two times in the same night," said Diane Powers, Roxborough Park resident.

Even though Powers had a couple of close calls, she doesn't agree that the HOA should be running radar.

"No, that's outside the boundaries of what the HOA was established to do. That is within the boundaries of what the law is supposed to do," Powers told CBS4.

In a gated community like Roxborough Park, the streets are private property and not governed by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. The HOA has the authority.

The HOA is pilot testing a photo laser radar that captures a picture of the license of a speeding vehicle. The association will then assess homeowners fines:

-- 1 to 4 mph over = $15

-- 5 to 9 mph over = $35

-- 10 to 19 mph over = $50

-- 20 mph over = $100

"Where do they go from there? Are they going to start inspecting your vehicles?" Brown asked.

The speed enforcement extends to anyone on the roads in Roxborough Park. Homeowners will be held accountable for their guests that speed through the neighborhood.
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- Written for the Web by CBS4 Special Projects Producer Libby Smith

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