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Hickenlooper Promotes Whooping Cough Vaccine

DENVER (AP) - Gov. John Hickenlooper is appearing in a campaign by Colorado health department officials to raise childhood vaccination rates.

In a public service announcement promoting the whooping cough vaccine, Hickenlooper says his son was hospitalized as an infant for two days due to whooping cough, or pertussis. He then urges parents to immunize their children.

The pertussis vaccine is typically administered in a series of doses. Hickenlooper's spokeswoman Megan Castle said Monday that Hickenlooper's son received one dose and was exposed to whooping cough four days before he was due to receive a second dose.

Washington state has had an outbreak of whooping cough this year with more than 1,900 cases.

Colorado health officials say 14 pertussis cases recently were confirmed in Greeley.

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