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New marketplace for Denver business owners opens in RiNo district

New marketplace opens for business owners to make ends meet
New marketplace opens for business owners to make ends meet 02:34

Green Spaces, a community-driven collective which aims to support small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, has launched the Green Spaces Marketplace. The small business incubator, located at 2590 Walnut Street in Denver's RiNo Art District, looks to house over 20 local vendors and artists while also offering rental spaces for content creators, local retail and community events. It has been a coworking space for the last 13 years, but under new ownership it's now a launching pad for a lot of small businesses, local artists, and creatives in general. 

CEO Jevon Taylor said he understands the importance of a space like this in RiNo. From international snacks to flowers, plants, art and candles, Green Spaces Market features a variety of vendors and creative people who are looking to grow their business. 

"We are expanding on the definition of sustainability and how sustainability goes way beyond saving earth resources, but how do you create an ecosystem in your community and how do you retain talent," said Taylor.


Taylor is working to keep businesses in the area and wants to provide a space where creatives and entrepreneurs feel supported, while also keeping them from leaving Denver.

"We provide affordable rents and on top of that we give marketing assistance, legal assistance, operational assistance, we are giving resources outside just the physical space," said Taylor.

A physical space that Breigh Jones-Coplin, owner of the flower brand -Black + Blossomed did not think would be possible.

"I didn't really have a goal of having a brick and mortar, I felt like that was a little inaccessible for me," expressed Jones-Coplin.

She began her business three years ago during the pandemic in her home. To see this now a reality in a physical space is like a dream come true.

"To be surrounded by within a community where the rent is a little lower, to be in a very prominent part of the neighborhood where there aren't a lot of flower shops around, let alone Black-owned flower shops ... it just felt like a very great opportunity that I'm like so grateful for," said Jones-Coplin.


But it's also a space for those businesses, such as It's a Bodega, to expand as they opened their third location back in the area where it all started.

The owner of the business, KC Christian explains why this weekend was important for him.

"It has kind of come full circle bringing it back to this neighborhood in the RiNo area and being able to provide this multicultural area with snacks from all over the world," added Christian.

As a business model, Green Spaces Market hopes to create more than just a retail space, but an area where creatives and small businesses can build a network and longevity.

"At the end of the day we are just filling gaps in communities and creating the spaces for it," said Taylor.

The Green Spaces Market will be open seven days a week, and more information can be found on their website

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