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Governor Jared Polis visits Club Q memorial: "The community will be back and people will feel safe"

Gov. Jared Polis visits Club Q memorial
Gov. Jared Polis visits Club Q memorial 01:41

Gov. Jared Polis was in Colorado Springs Tuesday for the first time since the Club Q shooting.

He met with the sister of victim Kelly Loving and then stopped by Club Q, where he made a contribution of his own to the memorial.

"I drew a heart and I wrote 'we remember' and I think that, first and foremost, we remember the five lives we lost," Polis said. "I've talked to family members of the five. We also remember those who were injured, who may never be able to gain their functionality, and of course all of those who were traumatized."

Following his stop at Club Q, Polis visited Atrevida Beer Company, owned by one of the people who helped take down the suspected shooter.

Polis is encouraging those who want to support the victims to donate to the Colorado Healing Fund, despite some recent controversy about the efficacy of the fund in providing victims with compensation. 

Polis also addressed potential changes to Colorado's red flag law.

"Club Q will be back and the community will be back and people will feel safe and people will learn from this," Polis said. "The perpetrator of course will be held fully accountable."

Polis said he's extremely confident the perpetrator will be convicted and calls this an "open and shut case."

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