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Former Aurora police officer sentenced; Elijah McClain's mother reacts: "He stole my son's life"

Former Aurora police officer sentenced 14 months in Adams County Jail
Former Aurora police officer sentenced 14 months in Adams County Jail 02:30

For months Sheneen McClain has returned to the same courtroom, sitting in the same row, listening. On Friday afternoon, it was her turn to speak. 

Randy Roedema in Adams County Court after his sentence of 14 months in jail was handed down. CBS

"My son will never be a dad, an uncle, or a grandfather. Randy Roedema stole my son's life. All the belated apologies in the world cannot remove my son's blood from Randy's hands," Mcclain told the court during her victim's impact statement.

In October, a jury found former Aurora Police Officer Randy Roedema guilty of criminally negligent homicide and third-degree assault in the death of her son Elijah McClain. 

"Prison is the only accountable justice that Randy Roedema deserves," McClain continued.

Rodema was among the three responding officers and helped subdue Elijah McClain before paramedics injected him with ketamine.

Sheneen McClain  CBS

His sentencing hearing was the first time he has spoken publicly about that night.  

"I cannot but help contemplate all the different scenarios that could have taken place that evening that could have resulted in a different outcome," he told the judge.

Before learning his fate, Roedema his family and friends pleaded for leniency, asking only for probation versus a potential three years in prison. 

The judge first acknowledged the tragic nature of the case, "The court was shocked by the indifference to McClain's suffering."

He ultimately sentenced Rodema to 14 months in jail with work release and four years of probation. 

Sheneen McClain reacted following that decision, calling it a slap on the wrist.

"The laws need to be changed so that those that need to be changed so those abuses are held accountable," McClain said standing outside the courthouse. 

Rodema will have to report to the county jail by the middle of March.  

Two paramedics who were also convicted in a separate trial are set to sentenced in March as well.

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