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Becoming the boss of your body through fitness and nutrition

Sisters determined to help community get fit and stay healthy
Sisters determined to help community get fit and stay healthy 02:17

People of color are six times more likely in developing type 2 diabetes and dying from it. Meanwhile, women are more likely to die from heart disease. So, when you pair being a person of color with being a woman, heart disease is the number one killer.


This alarming statistic is the driving force behind Joslyn Reese and her sister Brittney's wellness business, FIT & NU.

"I'm the NU and Brittney's the FIT," explained Joslyn.

The two take on a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on creating sustainable habits and providing personalized support.

"When I first started getting into nutrition, I was at my highest weight. I was fresh out of college, in corporate America eating pie for breakfast because that's what they had in the breakroom. I was really stressed out," said Joslyn.

Eventually, Joslyn put the pie down and found an even sweeter treat, nutrition.


"Practicing being healthy every day and getting paid for it is rewarding, but also seeing the people that you help and how their life changes are even better."

Through online fitness classes, body composition and heart rate tests, the two sisters say they are making active strides in creating a healthier community.

"It was like a no-brainer," said Joslyn.

With the occasional fitness challenge to keep the motivation going.

"We call it body boss up! So you can become the boss of your body and really tapping into these daily activities gives us the chance to do that"


You can learn more about FIT & NU here.

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