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Family of 16-year-old killed in Northglenn wants answers

Family of 16-year-old killed in Northglenn wants answers
Family of 16-year-old killed in Northglenn wants answers 02:24

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon when the shooting took place. Northglenn police say a fence was broken and the two juveniles entered the yard and there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and the homeowner.


Family members identified 16-year-old Ismael Cordova as one of the two killed.

Natasha Rodriguez, Ismael's stepmother told CBS News Colorado, "This lady called me where the house was, told me what happened that two kids were shot." 

She then put her face in her hands and added, "We thought he was at his girlfriend's house, she called me at 8:30 at night to say she hadn't heard from him."

Police also believe the two juveniles were involved in a burglary nearby.


LJ Percival's house was broken into. 

Her son was recorded on a security camera saying, "Mom someone threw a brick through our back door."

An Airsoft gun was stolen from that home.

Percival, the burglary victim, said, "I was a little concerned about what they were going to use it for because Airsoft rifles look like real guns."

Northglenn police made clear that it was "an exchange of gunfire."

Celestina Cordova Ismael's grandmother put it this way, "It's senseless. He didn't have to lose his life over this, he could have given them a warning. They were kids."


Christina Cordova, the mother of Ismael attempted to speak through tears, "He was a good kid."

No decision has been made as to whether the homeowner will be charged. The 17th Judicial District Attorney's office will get the case once Northglenn Police complete its investigation.

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