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1 dead after eastern Greeley neighborhood floods, gets covered in more than a foot of hail

Eastern Greeley neighborhood flooded, covered in more than a foot of hail
Eastern Greeley neighborhood flooded, covered in more than a foot of hail 02:08

Residents in eastern Greeley spent their Wednesday literally digging out from a storm Tuesday night. More than a foot of hail piled up in one neighborhood, the storm also leaving many homes damaged and vehicles stranded in water. 

"(The road) was like a lake. Like a frozen lake," said Juan Contreras, the son of one homeowner. 

The storm, which went through Greeley before 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, dropped hail for a prolonged time. 

"We were just hanging out in the living room and all of a sudden it sounded like baseball is hitting the side of my house," said Paula Bryant, a homeowner. "It lasted for about an hour. It just kept coming and coming and would not let up. Normally it comes a little bit and then lets up. But not this time. It was full force."

Residents in eastern Greeley said they woke up on Wednesday to find their entire neighborhood covered in more than a foot of hail. 


"When the city's drains get backed up it just floods every time. It flooded their basement. It flooded our basement," said Josiah Campbell, a resident. 

"The water is up to the ceiling," said Dezarae Wolf, a homeowner. 

Wolf said she just purchased her home months ago and was told the area had some history of flooding, but never to this extent or on her side of the road. 

On Wednesday she said she found her basement completely submerged in water, noting she had collectibles and antiques in her basement which have been soaked. 

"It looks like a river," Wolf said. "I'm trying not to panic."

Contreras said he got a phone call from his dad, who is disabled, on Tuesday night. 

"I could hear the fear in his voice," Contreras said. 

Contreras rushed to his father's home to try and help. When he turned onto the street he saw it was completely covered in hail and tree limbs. 


"It was wild, I've never seen nothing like this," Contreras said. 

He said he called 911 and asked for the fire department to help him get to his father. The fire department expedited their response and was able to help Contreras and his father. 

Though his father is OK physically, emotionally the storm damage to the home has left him troubled. 

"He's bummed out because he's losing everything. He lost his mom in January, his wife in February, and now the house he lives in," Contreras said. "It's been tough, it's been tough seeing all the memories wash away."

Contreras said the community would work hard to bounce back, but noted the storm has left a scar. 

"Things are material, but this is a lifetime we are talking about," Contreras said. 

The city confirmed with CBS News Colorado's Northern Reporter Dillon Thomas that there was one death and one serious injury as a result of the storms. 

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