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East High School's Students Demand Action marches for more gun control

East High School's Students Demand Action marches for more gun control
East High School's Students Demand Action marches for more gun control 02:33

East High School freshman Norah Krause's high school experience hasn't been good so far.

"School is a place of anxiety I walk in the building and I don't know if I'm going to walk back out. I always have to make sure that I hug my parents goodbye in the morning because I don't know if I'm going to see them after the end of school," she says.

East High School freshman Norah Krause CBS

She says thanks to two incidents of gun violence at the school, she worries about surviving in addition to her studies.

"Every time the announcement come on, I like... my heart drops like I don't know what's going on it's not a place of learning it's a place of fear," Krause said.

She says it shouldn't be that way.

"Students should be at school to learn," Krause said.


That's why she, her peers, their parents, and friends spent their Saturday speaking at the Colorado State Capitol, while marching through downtown. They want to make it known to lawmakers that they want more gun control.

They appreciate the four bills that passed the Colorado legislature Friday, but are upset that three Democrats voted against the assault weapons ban.

"As long as we use ready people have access to guns. It's not we're not going to live in a safe environment," Krause said. 

On Friday, the executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners says he thinks gun laws don't help.

"They promise us that this is going to stop the gun violence that is happening on our streets, when in fact it's done nothing," Taylor Rhodes said.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Executive Director Taylor Rhodes CBS

He thinks any gun control laws are a slippery slope passed so Democrats can violate Coloradans' Second Amendment rights.

"They want guns eradicated completely and this is their first step," Rhodes said.


Norah says all she wants is to make sure she and her peers are safe at school and to do that, lawmakers need to get rid of the source of so much destruction.

"We want the assault weapons ban to pass in Colorado and we want to push national lawmakers to pass all of these bills that we just passed in Colorado yesterday," she said.

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