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Denver police host "Dress for Success" event to help job hunters look sharp while on the hunt

Denver police team up with the community to help job hunters dress for success
Denver police team up with the community to help job hunters dress for success 02:24

It's no shock the COVID-19 pandemic caused a major shock to Colorado's job market. In the last four years there have been a lot of workforce changes, including an ever-changing unemployment rate. Whether you're looking for a new job now or hoping to hire, one thing that's never changed is how first impressions make a big difference. That's why Denver police teamed up with the community to help job hunters "dress for success" over the weekend.

Earlier in the week, CBS Colorado's Jasmine Arenas had a conversation with Denver police Chief Ron Thomas where he emphasized the importance of regaining the public's trust and being in the community. On Saturday morning, he put words into action with the department's second Dress for Success event.

From blazers to shoes, women of all shapes and sizes enjoyed a free shopping spree. Some were even able to get a makeover. It's all courtesy of Denver police and community partnerships.

Sgt. Christopher Baird with Denver Police said this event was especially for those looking to look sharp while on the hunt for a job.

"Maybe it's something that'll help them with a job interview or just something that'll make them feel good about themselves," said Baird.

It was an important event because a big part of landing the job has a lot to do with how someone presents themselves.

Nicole Desich with the Other Side Academy, a training school in which students learn pro-social, vocational and life skills, echoes this sentiment.

"A lot of times when you go in for a job you have the self-confidence if you have the clothes, you feel confident in, then you also can feel confident getting the job," said Desich.

Police said before the doors even opened at least 60 people were waiting in line to get in.

"It's a shopping experience without the financial burden," said recruit officer, Milliner with the Denver Police Academy.       

With no limit on what one can take, some left with a handful of bags filled with new looks.

"As a female myself it's empowering to be able to come in here and build these relationships," said Milliner.

The purpose of these events is to help those who want a job get one and stay employed. This is all part of Thomas's mission of being in the community.

"We just want to fill that gap where we recognize there is one," said Thomas.

Denver police look to continue to effort similar events and help the community feel supported.

"I think there are other service needs that community has and providing clothes, providing food, shelter... I think those are all needs that we can also provide to our community," said Thomas.

In April a similar event was held for men, where more than 80 participants left with hundreds of items.

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