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DIA Adds Cat To 'Canine Airport Therapy Squad'

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver International Airport added its first cat to the Canine Airport Therapy Squad, a.k.a. CATS.

CATS XELI 12VO_frame_549
Xeli, a new therapy cat at DIA (credit: DIA)

Airport officials say Xeli, pronounced "Zell-ee", is a domestic shorthair that "weighs 12 pounds and loves making new friends."

CATS XELI 12VO_frame_459
(credit: DIA)

Xeli and her human will be available to take photos on her cat tree with the public starting Friday.

CATS XELI 12VO_frame_0
(credit: DIA)
CATS XELI 12VO_frame_284
(credit: DIA)

The public can also collect Xeli's trading card.

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