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Tenant's nightmare: Basement floods as property management take forever to repair

College speaks out after basement floods as property management take forever to repair
College student speaks out after basement floods as property management take forever to repair 03:10

June was the sixth wettest month on record for Denver, with over four inches above the average. That's since records started being kept in 1872.

Among those really feeling the impact of all the downpours is a college student, who says she's stuck living in a home constantly being flooded out.

It's a frustrating situation for the tenants living in that property.

They must go through a virtual chat to send in requests and complaints to property management. The tenants say they get a reply every now and then, but nothing has been fixed.

They're calling this an "uninhabitable living space."

Deja Guira and her roommate have been living in an unbearable situation since May 11.

"It's just my worst nightmare living here," said Guira.


Inside her home is a mess from the floods.

"We have ongoing flooding happening and we reach out to property management, and they'll send a water excavation team and then it'll flood again," said Guira.

Within the first week of her apartment being flooded, she tells CBS News Colorado it was a constant back and forth fight with the property Bungalow Management on whether it was going to do something about the flooding or relocate the tenants.

She found this basement for rent on a website called Bungalow Living, which works with landlords to rent out its property.

The company is responsible for taking care of maintenance which renters pay a monthly fee for.


However, this hasn't been the case. She says there is no timeline of events of when any repairs will get done.

From May 31 to June 23, Guira and her roommate had been staying at Airbnbs on behalf of the company. She was hoping her apartment would be repaired by the time she returned, but instead it is still a mess.

"They haven't picked up any of this like drywall damage, or the vinyl wood flooring that they have, they haven't taken it out the unit, even though we reminded them multiple times of the safety issue," expressed Guira.  

She's been in constant communication with the company via online chat and still no luck.

They even moved back into the apartment once, but then it flooded again.


"Bungalow suggested we find our own accommodations, but I don't understand how that's feasible at all if we only get a prorated $66, I'm a nursing student right now, I don't work," said Guira.

CBS News Colorado reached out to Bungalow Living for a statement and have yet to hear back from the company.

Now, according to Guira, they now have 90 days to terminate the lease per the company's request.

"I hope that there will be action and compensation given to us… having to live here in these conditions," said Guira.

Guira and her roommate are actively looking for a new spot. She is also looking to follow up with legal action. 

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