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Denver Weather: Summer Sizzle Settles In

Another hot day in Colorado, and we're only going to get hotter! We hit 90 degrees again in Denver on Friday, but mostly likely will be close to 100 on Saturday and Monday.

Highs across Colorado climb even more on Saturday. Check out these highs! Most of eastern Colorado will be in the 100s or close to it.

We stay hot again and overall dry on Sunday. A few isolated storms are possible, but they won't be very widespread.

We stay very hot again Monday before a quick cool down with a chance for rain on Tuesday. That won't last long as we will head back to the 90s on Thursday and stay there for some time.

Make sure to stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen this weekend. Take breaks in shady spots if you work outside, and try to get those outdoor workouts done early in the day.


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