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Von Miller continues charity work in latest Colorado visit: "Denver will always have a special place in my heart"

NFL star Von Miller discusses nonprofit "Von's Vision" foundation
NFL star Von Miller discusses nonprofit "Von's Vision" foundation 02:16

Here in Denver, we all know the name Von Miller. The Super Bowl champion helped lead the Broncos to victory, and while he's changed his jersey, he hasn't changed his support for Denver, especially through his nonprofit, Von's Vision

CBS News Colorado's Mekialaya White got an exclusive interview with him to talk about why. Off the field, Miller says one of his greatest achievements is giving back to the community he loves. 

"I grew up here, spent a third of my life here in Denver," Miller said.  

Back in 2012, he first felt the spark to start Von's Vision to create a way to help kids like Didier Nshimirimana from Aurora, change the stigma of bullying. 

"One day, I was signing autographs and took off my glasses and it just hit me. And I started 'Von's Vision' to give back contacts, glasses, Lasik, basically anything that has to do with kids and eyes for kids in need," he said. 

"I didn't know the process of getting glasses, so he helped me, picking out my favorite color and I got these," said Nshimirimana. "I was sitting outside in a summer program and this guy came up to me and said we're going to go on a field trip to Von's Vision. And he asked if we wanted to go, and I was like yes. I didn't know Von was going to be there. So, he got there and we took pictures, and it was fun." 

The message Miller wants to convey is that you can be cool, stylish, and confident, all while wearing glasses. 

"When I got these glasses, it really changed my life," Nshimirimana said with a big smile. 

"it's an addicting feeling, you just want to keep on doing it. To put glasses on kids' faces that look like you, that come from the same background that you came from and have some of the same problems that you had, and it was just so refreshing. You see the pictures of me and Didier, that could be me, that was me," Miller explained. 

For Miller, his work through Von's Vision is creating lifelong friendships.  

"He's a special person, he helps a lot of people with glasses and he's like a best friend to me. Yeah, he has a big heart," Nshimirimana said. 

"It's like that Spiderman quote, 'With great power comes great responsibility,'" Miller said.   

Although he swapped Broncos jersey, he says he'll never give up his Denver pride. 

"This place will never get old. It is never going anywhere for me.  I love this place, and Denver will always have a special place in my heart," he said.  

Von's Vision, which just celebrated its Night to Take Flight, has helped more than 9,500 kids get access to vision care with $5.2 million in free eye exams.  

To learn more about how to help out with Von's Vision, click here:

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