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Gas station clerk describes truck theft & shooting in Denver

Denver Police say one man was shot at a gas station near 9th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard on Monday. Police say the victim's injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

Investigators say a suspect tried to steal the victim's vehicle when he was paying for gas. A second suspect in a separate vehicle later ran into the victim's vehicle, police say.


An employee at the gas station was cashing out the owner of a red pickup before he darted outside. The employee says she saw a woman driving away in his truck.

The truck's owner tried to stop her.

"He ran straight out and by that time she had just turned on to Sheridan. He jumped on the truck's passenger side. There was a little runner, so he was standing on that," the employee said.

DPD believes the carjacker and another suspect inside a white vehicle at a nearby pump were working together.


"When they took off, the white vehicle was behind them and ran into them at some point. Then somebody fired a weapon," said the employee.

The truck owner was shot, but it's not clear who pulled the trigger.

Police are still working to put together descriptions of the suspects and their vehicle.

"It's important not to leave bags or purses or anything really on that can attract attention because in the few seconds you're in there, that's all it takes," said the employee.

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