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Denver man in search of his missing emotional support dog

Denver man in search of his missing emotional support dog
Denver man in search of his missing emotional support dog 01:48

A Denver man lost his dog the day before Thanksgiving and says his dog has been his lifeline and needs the community's help. 

On a sunny Wednesday morning, CJ Ortega walked the streets of Denver in search of his two-year-old Boston terrier. 

"I am passing this out looking for my dog, cash reward, no questions asked," said Ortega. 


He has been doing everything in his power to have his dog, Twyla Rose, back in his arms. 

"I've posted on Reddit, and on the dog version of Amber Alert, on multiple Facebook pages and the Dumb Friends League," said Ortega.

And yet, still no sign of Rose. 

Thanksgiving Eve was the last time he saw her, still, he emphasizes that she is more than just a dog to him.

"She is my companion, my best friend, the love of my life and not having her with me is beyond painful," said Ortega. 


A couple of years ago, Ortega was involved in a traumatic car accident that changed his life forever. He suffers from severe anxiety and depression.

Twyla Rose had been his safe haven since then.

"She has helped me get through some very tough times in my life," added Ortega. 

According to Ortega, multiple people have called him claiming they've spotted her, but it's all been false. He says he has even been threatened. 


"I've had people try to scam me, people call me and tell me she is dead and people saying I deserve this for my life right now," said Ortega. 

He is offering a cash reward for those who have seen her. She is micro-chipped and suffers from severe dermatitis which makes her unique to spot. She also has a couple of bald spots.

"I am afraid that I'll never see her again, that's my biggest fear," said Ortega.

According to the Denver Animal Shelter, their most common time for lost pets is during the summertime, but below are some helpful tips.

  • Check out the websites of area animal shelters. They will post the pictures of all the lost dogs they have in their care. Make sure to do this for many days or weeks as a lost dog could wander for days before it is captured and brought to a shelter.
  • Post to social media, including Lost Pet Facebook pages and apps like NextDoor. Also, search social media for your lost pet.
  • Make flyers and post throughout your neighborhood.
  • Tell your neighbors and area businesses to keep an eye out for your pet.
  • To get a lost pet home as soon as possible: license them through your city, have them wear an ID tag, and microchip them. Make sure the microchip is registered online. That way if the animal is brought to a shelter or a veterinarian (where they will scan for a microchip), they will be able to contact the person listed on the microchip.

If you have any information you can contact CJ Ortega at (303) 748-0097.

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