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Deion Sanders admires brotherly love between sons, 2 of whom are on Colorado Buffaloes roster

Coach Prime admires brotherly love between sons
Coach Prime admires brotherly love between sons 03:30

Near the end of the Colorado-Nebraska rivalry game over the weekend the Buffaloes held a comfortable lead and Coach Deion Sanders took out his quarterback (and son) Shadeur Sanders so backup QB Ryan Staub could get some in-game experience. Coach Prime's oldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., ran over and told his dad he didn't like that decision.


"Shadeur ended up with close to 400 yards. It's funny, his brother loves him so much -- Junior -- he came on the sideline and he said that 'Shadeur has like 392.' I said 'I already took him out, son, I can't put him back in.' Because he wanted him to get 400. I'm like 'I can't do that,'" the CU coach on this week's Coach Prime's Playbook with Romi Bean.

Junior no longer plays football but helps his dad out with his social media. Shadeur and Junior's other brother -- Shilo Sanders -- is a defensive back for the Buffs.

In addition to having two family members on the roster, Coach Prime also has two players on his team who are from his hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. One is Tar'varish Dawson Jr., who is a guest on this week's CBS Sports Colorado show.

Romi Bean, Coach Prime and Tar'varish Dawson Jr. CBS

Dawson scored his first-ever touchdown in his college career against Nebraska.

"(Dawson) is from my hometown. So whenever you do something (good) and you're from the hometown it's like just more - you're stacking it up," Coach Prime said.

Coach Prime says now he's got other players from Fort Myers who are contacting him in hopes of joining the ranks at CU.

"So many guys are reaching out, because they want to be the next guy."

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From a coaching perspective, Coach Prime says he doesn't cut the players from his hometown much slack.

"I'm harder on them because I want them to be successful on and off the field," he said.

The same probably goes for his sons.

One of Shadeur's shining moments on Saturday came in a pass completion to Dawson.

"I knew that play was coming -- that we threw to (Dawson), the crossing route," said Coach Prime. "And I was like 'Clear, clear, clear, clear' because we just wanted him to clear and it was just taking time. I was like 'Please protect Shadeur' but he came right there and I was like 'Please catch it.' And it was so smooth, a beautifully executed route and throw and catch."

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